Fredericksburg Teeth Cleaning

Fredericksburg Teeth Cleaning

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Importance of Biannual Dental Visits

Twice-yearly dental examinations and teeth cleanings are the cornerstone of optimal oral health. Here at Fredericksburg Dentistry, we want you to maintain healthy, cavity-free teeth and strong, vibrant gums now and in the future.

A nutritious diet limited in sugar is a vital component of your dental wellness. Less sugar means less formation of dental plaque, which is responsible for cavities and gum disease. Each day, brushing and flossing is what you need to do in order to effectively address the potential impact of dental plaque on your teeth and gums. Our Fredericksburg teeth cleaning is necessary because it’s not always possible for at-home oral hygiene to get all of the plaque in your mouth. If you’ve heard of tartar, well that is the crustier and hardened version of plaque that develops in time. Our Fredericksburg teeth cleaning takes on tartar, because you cannot do so with your own toothbrush and dental floss. Out goes the tartar buildup, and in comes better chances for continued oral health. In addition, if you are exhibiting the typical signs of gingivitis (the first stage of gum disease), which are irritation and redness, you’ll see them reversed thanks to our professional cleaning. Otherwise, progression to the later stage, periodontitis, would occur. Receding gums, bleeding while brushing, persistent bad breath, loss of gum and bone tissue, and loose teeth are all possible with periodontitis, so stopping it in its tracks is crucial. The other benefit of biannual dental visits is that with an examination and x-rays, cavities are detected in a timely manner; while still small enough to make risk of toothache, infection, and the treatments for them unlikely.

There is nothing good that comes out of postponing our visit, so reach out to our office now and schedule our oral examination and Fredericksburg teeth cleaning while it’s on your mind.

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